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QR code for headstones

QR code for headstones

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Honor the fallen by sharing their stories

The memory card in a glance

Save your memories

More then a QR code. The memory card allows you to easily create a memorial page for your loved ones.

Unlimited storage space

Enjoy unlimited videos photos and texts for all your memories.

Multiple privacy options

Choose and control who can edit and interact with your memorial page

Sticks to all surfaces

The memory card is made with a strong adhesive material in the back. Peal of the protection strap and press the card into your desired location. The memory card is designed to hold for years to come and sticks to all stone surfaces including rough and natural surfaces.

One-time payment

Once you purchased the memory card you will have free unlimited access to all of our services without any additional costs

1) Scan Memory Card

Start your memorial page by scanning the QR code with your smartphone.

2) Set Up Your Profile

Insert the details about your loved one

3) Memorial page is active

Your memory card is all set up. Use the adhesive material found in your package and connect the memory card to the headstone of your loved one. By scanning the QR code from now on the memorial page of your loved one will be presented